Berry Good Farms
 Farm Market and U-Pick Farm
 930 William Gibbs Rd.
  Tifton GA 31793
 Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Peaches and Much More
    "We are committed to having the most pesticide free fruit available"


     Fun for everyone

Berry Good Farms
"U-Pick Better Berries"
   930 William Gibbs Rd.
   Tifton GA 31793
Blueberries, Blackberries, Peaches and Much More
"We are committed to having the cleanest most chemical free fruit available"


DECEMBER 27, 2018 

             Merry Christmas              



We will re-open February 28, 2019

"Thank you for another record year"

We grow and "you can pick"






Muscadine Grapes

Scuppernong Grapes

Fuyu Persimmons 


 Satsuma Oranges

and Our own Honey

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Strawberries and Asparagus start in February

Blueberries  Mid-April - July





Peaches  and Blueberries 

May - August


Satsuma Oranges, Fuyu Persimmons and Pecans  

October - December


November - December


 Bag of Satsuma Oranges 

A Bag of Shelled Pecans

A jar of Berry Good Farms Honey

A jar Berry Good Farms Jams 

Shipped from Nov 15 to December 20

$39 plus Shipping



 We will Begin with  Strawberries  and Asparagus in March.  Soon Blueberriesand Thornless Blackberries starting in April and lasting to August. Muscadine Grapes in August-September. We Also we have FuYu Persimmons in October and  Satsuma oranges in November and December.  We-pick  fruit is available. 

Call ahead for availability and we-pick.

As always we will have farm animals for the children to visit..Visit our photo pages to get a preview of our new pets.. 


Berries, Berries Everywhere

Our blueberry plants have doubled their size. Also we have additional thornless blackberry plants chosen for their fruit size and consistent sugar content, they will be an earlier variety and be available in late May. The Peaches   will produce this year beginning in June. Call or email to insure we have stayed on that schedule.

While at the farm, we want to encourage you to take time to enjoy the beauty of the day, and taste a sampling of what you are here for.  We have tried to provide something for everyone whether it be picking delicious fruit or sitting under a large shade tree while the kids visit our animals and chickens featuring our Rooster Isee 

 We look forward to seeing you soon....visit our facebook page for current updates.


                                                 Tastiest Also Heathiest Fruit


     Want Healthy? Pursue Blue.

Most nutritionists consider blueberries a super food! The reason? Blueberries have consistently been recognized as the fruit with the highest antioxidant activity. These tasty berries offer twice as many health-giving antioxidants as spinach, more than three times as many as oranges, red grapes and cherries and more than four times as many as grapefruit, white grapes, bananas and apples 

Based on data from the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (Boston, MA), blueberries are the fruit with the highest antioxidant activity.  .



Blackberries are also Rich in Antioxidants

As in anthocyanin pigments, vitamin C, E, and ellagic acid; all may provide protection against cancer.  Blackberries contain significant amounts of Ellagic Acid which is reputed to prevent molecules called free radicals. Blackberries are also a natural source of salicylate, an active substance found in aspirin


Starting in May

Peaches help make the skin healthy and also add color to the complexion.It has been seen that consumption of peaches helps in the removal of worms from the intestinal tract.  Being rich is vitamin A, peaches may help prevent cancer in organs and glands with epethelial tissue.  Researchers have suggested that peaches have good to excellent antioxidant activity, some antimicrobial activity and good to excellent tumor growth inhibition. Peaches are recommended to people suffering from rheumatism and gout.