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We are commited to having the cleanest most chemical free fruit available.

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★★★★★ | July 23, 2018

This is an awesome place to visit! We will stop by here each time we are traveling through Tifton. I cannot wait to go when blackberries are in season to pick! They have chickens and goats and the happiest pups! The jam tastes like heaven.

Lauren H.

★★★★★ | June 23, 2018

Berry Good Farms was amazing! The blueberries are truly delicious, the people there were super helpful and friendly, and we enjoyed the beautiful, accommodating arrangement of the entire place! (Cute goats, too!)

Molly Kitchens Turner

★★★★★ | July 3, 2018

What a wonderful place to visit! You have to stop by.

Claudia Garcia-Salas

★★★★★ | June 23, 2018

The blueberries were wonderful! Definitely going back!

Amyie Dekle Mathis

★★★★★ | June 22, 2018

Wonderful pesticide free blueberries and blackberries! Delicious treat - we try to get some every summer to enjoy and to freeze for later. Don’t miss this season’s best!!

Mary T. Asfaw Matthews

★★★★★ | June 13, 2018

Clean picking with lots of berries.

Elizabeth Watson Temples

★★★★★ | June 10, 2018

Bob is so friendly, the blackberries are delicious and the baby goats so sweet!

Laura-Leigh Reynolds

★★★★★ | May 12, 2018

My husband and I came down from Warner robins(I'm originally from Tifton) yesterday in the late afternoon and picked blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and peaches. We had so much fun and were the only ones there for a while! The owner was amazing and taught us a lot. And we loved all the animals too! We have already made our minds up we are going to be going back to pick again and again with each new crop(like the asparagus). Thanks for helping us create a new memory. We'll be bringing folks with us next time to enjoy it as well.

Joneen Elizabeth Leopard

★★★★★ | May 6, 2018

Totally worth the trip . Very friendly. Beautiful peaceful with amazing fresh jams and berries. No blackberries due to lack of rain but picked( and ate😁) plenty of blueberries.

Will definitely be back for blackberries strawberries and peaches in a few weeks.

Teresa McCullough

★★★★★ | April 27, 2018

Amazing farm with amazing fruit. Bob is incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating. His farm is my favorite around the Tifton area. A must visit.

Michael Staub

★★★★★ | April 25, 2018

Owner is very friendly and helpful. Produce is top quality and you leave there having had a fun time and plenty of good blueberries, strawberries and other fresh fruits!!

JoAnn Dill

★★★★★ | April 8, 2018

This is absolutely the best u pick farm in Georgia!!! Hands down the nicest folks around and fantastic produce. The berries are delicious and grown with care. We love this place!!!

Ted Larrabee

★★★★★ | April 1, 2018

Anyone looking for some homemade jam or a nice day with the family they have a beautiful farm and blueberries will be ready in a few weeks for picking. I know I’ll be going back.

Kelsey Schlemmer

★★★★★ | April 1, 2018

Owner is very friendly. Just loved the cute little farm they have. The jam is amazing!!! We will be back when the blueberries are ready.

Tammy Tidwell

★★★★★ | April 1, 2018

Beautiful little family owned farm. The jam is out of this world good. Cannot wait until the blueberries are ready for picking. Will be going back really soon.

Kelsey Schlemmer

★★★★★ | July 2, 2017

Great family owned farm. We picked 4 gallons of delicious blackberries in no time at all, will deffinatly be back.

Heather Kobylarczyk

★★★★★ | June 29, 2017

We loved picking berries today and the sweet girl that helped us was amazing and so very nice! I'm sure we will be back. The blackberries are delicious and the tomatoes were so good!!

Janine Hollis

★★★★★ | June 28, 2017

Wonderful farm and people!! Love being able to pick black berries with out worrying about snakes! Just pick one bush you will have a bunch!

Lisa Crouch Griffin

★★★★★ | June 27, 2017

The best Blueberries and Blackberries - great stopping point on way back and forth from Atlanta to Florida destinations.

Steve Procko

★★★★★ | June 26, 2017

Totally worth the short detour from I-75! We picked a gallon of blackberries today at this idyllic family farm. Because they don't use pesticides, there are some bugs around, so just be aware of that. Two very friendly dogs live on the premises. I would definitely visit again!

Heidi Lange

★★★★★ | June 26, 2017

We took the kids out to let them pick some black berries and they had a blast picking, playing fetch with the lab, and seeing the goats and turkeys. The couple that runs it are very nice and helpful. We will be going back soon.

Jimmy Guess

★★★★★ | June 26, 2017

Nice little place. And the grands loved the dog, goats and baby pigs

Frank Davis

★★★★★ | May 29, 2017

My husband and I got an opportunity to go out today and pick blueberries at Berry Good Farms. Everybody we talked to were extremely kind and helpful! We loved getting to pick our own blueberries, although I wish we had picked the gallon bucket they give you to pick. I believe I will be back within the next week because I have already gotten into the ones we got.

Kristen Nichole Leverett

★★★★★ | May 8, 2017

Beautiful farm. Plenty of blueberries to pick. Def will go again.

Angela Hancock

★★★★★ | April 24, 2017

Just had the best time at Berry Good Farms. Huge and sweet blueberries. Easy and quick to fill out buckets!!!

Mary Anne Finnance Gibbs

★★★★★ | April 24, 2017

Great place to pick your own berries and yummy too!! Also nice people that own it!!

Dawn Taylor Fountain

★★★★★ | March 28, 2017

Friendly people, friendly dogs, delicious strawberries and blueberries!

Margaret Connor

★★★★★ | July 28, 2016

Thanks for the sign on 75! We stopped and bought 75# of peaches and 4 gallons fo blueberries. They are soo beautiful--and tasty--in our mason jars on the shelf! Thanks again for the yummy fruit! I hope we can shop again!

Stephanie Grilliot

★★★★★ | July 14, 2016

We had a wonderful experience picking blackberries. Wonderful family!! We'll be back!!

Christy Law Cobb

★★★★★ | July 13, 2016

It's a beautiful place to enjoy great moments with the family!!!!!

Carlos Perez

★★★★★ | June 6, 2016

We picked blackberries and blueberries. Both are delicious! They were very easy to pick.

Michelle Long Horne

★★★★★ | June 6, 2016

Great people, great farm. Can't wait to go back. Looking forward to blackberries and peach's

Matthew Stanley

★★★★★ | June 4, 2016

Biggest black berries and nicest man I've ever met! We sat and ate watermelon with him! Watermelon was sweet!

April Weaver McKee

★★★★★ | June 3, 2016

I loved this farm! Very sweet people and great fruit! I bought from them and a week later I bought from the grocery store. No comparison!!! Berry good farms blueberries lasted longer, tasted better and were better priced. I plan on returning and stocking up.

Amber Hiers

★★★★★ | May 27, 2016

A search on the internet for a local source of fresh blueberries led me to this convenient farm just a short drive about 5 Miles W of I-75 on Hwy 82. The range of fresh berries and fruit varies during the year but I'll be returning regularly on visits to Tifton. Blueberries, blackberries, muscadines and other fruits are available at various times for pick yourself or prepicked if you are in a hurry and just passing through. A really pretty place, the owner obviously takes great pride in his farm. Kids would love the opportunity to pick blueberries and find out where food really comes from in addition to the grocery store. A small gift shop offers local jams and preserves if you haven't already loaded up at my other local favorite in Tifton, Adcock Pecans.

Milton S.

★★★★★ | April 17, 2016

We had a great time picking strawberries and talking to the owners. They are a wonderful family! We loved seeing all the animals. They have a beautiful male Turkey!

Teresa Kay Custer

★★★★★ | March 25, 2016


Brittany Tony Kirkland

★★★★★ | November 24, 2015

Absolutely beautiful and plentiful berries in a safe, well maintained environment!! Loved Berry Good Farms!

Barbara Grinstead Smith

★★★★★ | May 21, 2015

Berry Good Farms has the best blueberries - so sweet and delicious!

Laura Moore

★★★★★ | May 3, 2015

We had an amazing time and the blueberries are wonderful!!!! The owners are so nice and the farm is beautiful! The kids loved the animals as well! We will definitely be coming back often!

Nikki DeRyke

★★★★★ | May 27, 2014

We had a wonderful time visiting you this weekend! The blueberries are delicious! Thank you so much for your hospitality and for letting our little ones feed the goats. Love this place!

Claudia Strange

★★★★★ | May 8, 2014

Best Blueberries I've ever eaten !!!

Ray Turner

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